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Google Business Profile

Today, Google Business Profile has become the most important Drive To Store platform when creating an online showcase of a business' points of sale is concerned.

This is the tool the customers connect with the most before visiting a shop, as it can show the main relevant information, like the opening hours, contact information, addresses, etc; by the same token, it can be used to spread information about promotions, to highlight products and services before uploading them, to interact with the users and, more importantly, to track store statistics. RetailTune can take charge of every store management activity, from data normalization to processing. 

The correct completion of the Google Business Profile tabs and the constant data management will lead to an increase in the positioning of the tabs on search engines, with the consequent increase in important KPIs.

First data entry, enacting data normalization and correcting errors

Constant data maintenance

Geolocated Calls to Action can be uploaded

Data analysis featuring punctual and accurate information.

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