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RetailTune is a Drive to Store Saas platform

Our Goal:
Our main goal is to help people go to the right place at the right time, based on the products they are looking for.Such a goal requires to provide all companies, retailers and the producers of goods and services, be they present in any given area through physical points of sale (such as direct shops, franchise shops, corners or PoP), with the more suitable tools to encourage customers to finalise their searches with in-shop purchase.

Our Mission:
RetailTune offers technologies, services and solutions helping companies and stores involve consumers, managing in an effective, efficient and coordinated manner the data on the digital touchpoints used by customers to carry out offline activities. No step of the Customer Journey is left to chance, from geolocation to tailored information, by means of customized Call To Actions, through the management of the Drive to Store tools and even by optimizing the digital advertising budget.

cosa è retailtune
cosa è retailtune

The importance of data:
We take great care with data, i.e., the information useful to gain a competitive advantage, satisfying the customers in the best possible way and achieving organizational efficiencies. The platform monitors and analyzes all the "smart data" to understand the performance and audience for stores, the success of advertising campaign and the outcomes of drive to store activities.

Who we aim to serve:
System integrators
Digital Agencies
Media Companies