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Store Catalog

54% of consumers perform online researches before visiting a point of sale

Before the health emergency, 8 purchases out of 10 took place in physical stores, but we know full well that buying is just the final step of a long journey, the last link of the Customer Journey. 

54% of consumers perform online researches before visiting a point of sale; not only that; a significant 42% performs searches through their smartphone as they are in the shop. 

Providing any possible customer with all the information on the store, on products and on prices is vital. 

Thanks to the Tool Store Catalog, every single point of sale is able to showcase its products within the Concierge Page, subdivided by category, keeping the customers updated on the products offered and allowing the parties to talk with each other.




«Thanks to the vision of Francesca Dal Bosco, Marketing Manager for W.L. Gore&Associati, and featuring DF Sport Specialist we have been able to set up a complete strategic plan, using all the fundamental drive tso store touchpoints. The results were not late in coming: the campaigns achieved more than 8 million views, reaching a geotargeted audience, exponentially increasing the views for GORE-TEX products and the nearest DF Sport Specialist points of sales, compared with users. It is an amazing result, especially considering that it was achieved during the first 10 days since the start of the activities».- Martina Sansone, CMO @RetailTune

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