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A single platform to distribute the data within the most important international directories

RetailTune manages the information concerning the points of sale of every chain on all the touchpoints users habitually interact with: Google Business Profile, Facebook Locations, Apple Maps, Store Locator, Bing Maps and directories. 

A single upload, with a single management, so that users may always find the right, constantly updated, addresses and phone numbers online. 

RetailTune can easily interface with the company software solutions already implemented.

RetailTune is the platform where the data of the points of sale:

Are uniformed on every digital touchpoint

Contribute towards increasing Brand Awareness

Become powerful Drive To Store incentives

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Locations
  • Bing
  • Google Maps
  • Alipay
  • Waze
  • Instagram
  • Baidu




The platform allows to manage both the data on the physical points of sale and the organic Drive to Store campaigns for free. The data concerning the points of sale such as addresses, opening hours, services and the like can pe uploaded to the RetailTune platform for it to spread on every managed touchpoint (Store Locator, GMB, Facebook and Instagram Location, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing), therefore offering a single disclosure hub for several touchpoints

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Simona Portigliotti, Marketing, Com CSR & Innovation Director Ceetrus Nhood.

"Managing such touchpoints in a uniform and centered way allowed, even during a full-fledged health emergency, a coordinated management of the constant changes in closures and reopenings, with the benefit of constantly informing customers punctually."