Product Finder

Providing our final customers with complete and updated information is RetailTune's mission.

Such information contain not only the nearest point of sale, its opening hours and the services offered, but also the availability of any given product in the store.

Thanks to the integration of the product finder tool, it is possible to tell users whether the product they are looking at is actually available within the nearest store. Futhermore, it is possible to activate all the loyalty&care services, such as the Reserve and the Back in Store services, up to the opportunity of activating a Whatsapp chat with any given store. 

By using the Reserve in Store, the final customers may ask the store to set aside an available article for 24/48 hours for a dedicated store visit. Should any given article be unavailable in store, the customer may request the Back in Store service; an email message will inform the customer when the article will be available again.

A series of automatic email messages will warn both the customer service and the store manager, for a prompt and friendly service management.




"Since the establishment of our company, evolution and progress have been one of our leitmotivs. Communicating with the market and listening to it, as well as to the rapidly evolving reality around us ae what allows us to promptly adapt and evolve. By the same token, our goal remains to put the customers under the limelight, therefore, we want to reach them wherever they are: cooperating with RetailTune allows us to provide customized services regardless of the touchpoint, keeping the experience in line with the PINKO spirit." - Pietro Negra, Presidente @ Pinko

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