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The Terms of Use of the Website herein (from here on, also "the Terms") are an essential part of the General Terms and Conditions and set up the terms of use for the RetalTune (from no one, "the Company") Website (from here on, "the Website"), by the customers or by the users authorised by the latter (from here on, the "User" or "Users").
By "Use of the Site", accessing, browsing or registering on the Site, or the use of the services provided by the Company. The Company shall reserve the right to deactivate the identification code or the password chosen by the Customers or provided by the Company whenever, as per the unappealable decision of the Company itself, Customers violate the Terms herein.

  1. Using the RetailTune services:

    1. RetailTune shall allow Customers to log in to the Website through their information/password in order to insert the data concerning the activities, products and information belonging to Customers for commercial purposes;

    2. if, and within the limits detailed within the section titled "monthly available hours for Success Managers", as per the Purchasing Form, a professional will be made available for consulting and operations within the platform;

    3. shall process, partly through third-party, licensed, and partly through in-house software, the data and information concerning the distribution of store geolocation coordinates on the external platforms and shall manage the geolocated communication campaigns uploaded on the platform itself;

    4. the services activated shall be those detailed within the purchasing module;

    5. shall allow customers to view reports concerning the processing of the data set up and processed by the Company.

  2. Managing the links on the Website

    Customers can always insert the links to the main page of the Website on other sites. Except in the case of specific approval in writing by RetailTune,
    the Customers may not engage in the so called "deep linking", that is to say the insertion of links connected with specific Website pages.

  3. Using the Communication Instruments

    The Users asking questions through the tools on the Website or making use of any other communication tool present herein, must comply with the following rules of conduct:

    1. using obscene, vulgar, threatening, offensive, defamatory, sexist, racist or discriminatory language is not permitted; by the same token, said language may not be contrary to laws and ethics;

    2. publishing on the platform and on the Website unlawful data and contents is prohibited; the same applies to the data that may be disputed by any and all Authorities, Bodies, Anti-trust authorities or by any third parties;

    3. the modalities by means of which Users identify themselves shall not breach the terms and conditions of the Website or any and all regulation, law or custom in force at any given time;

    4. users may not impersonate other subjects, all the more in the case of RetailTune employees, representatives and/or affiliates: in the latter case, RetailTune shall act in defense of its interest, also in the case of liability or damages;

    5. the Company communication systems may not be used for unlawful mass communications, such as spam and the like;

    6. both the Customer(s) and the Users are aware of the fact, and they agree to it, that RetailTune may keep a copy of the communications which have been activated or have passed through their systems, in compliance with the regulations in force at any rate;

    7. both the Customer(s) and the Users are aware of the fact, and they agree to it , that all the information they have sent to the Company may be modified, unpublished or removed by the latter in case they do not comply with the features of the article below, or in the case they breach laws and norms or in case the Customer(s) do not comply with their contract obligations.

  4. Account

    In order to gain access to the Website and make use of its instruments, it is necessary that the Customer(s) or the duly authorised User(s), shall endeavour to comply with the following rules:

    1. all the data and information uploaded shall be truthful and accurate;

    2. the Users shall endeavour to keep the information updated;

    3. customer(s) and/or User(s) may not share the details of their Account with other subjects, especially their username and password;

    4. should a Customer or a User, or several Users have a well-grounded concern that their Account data have been stolen, they shall immediately notify RetailTune of the fact, asking that their Account be suspended. Orders and payments may be cancelled only in case the Customer(s) duly complied with contract; RetailTune shall not be deemed liable otherwise;

    5. in choosing their respective usernames, the Customer(s) and/or the User(s) shall comply with the following requirements.

  5. Should RetailTune suspend or remove the Account belonging to a Customer/User, The Company shall notify said Customer/User of the fact by an e-mail message. Should RetailTune suspend or remove the Account belonging to a Customer/User because of something the latter is liable for, said Customer/User shall nevertheless pay for the whole amount related to the validity period for the contract.