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RetailTune is a Local Digital Marketing platform with an eye to the Drive to Store tools

RetailTune is a company, established in London in 2015, based on an idea by Claudio Agazzi, which was moved to Parma afterwards. Our business is active in the field of Local Digital marketing for retailers. 

Our goal is to help retailers in making full use of the potential of Local Digital Marketing, informing users correctly and managing all the digital touchpoints, while increasing store attendance, concerning direct, franchise or multibrand stores.

RetailTune designed and set up specific tools to communicate with its customers on the most used communication channels , such as the brand website - itself the biggest CRM the Retailer can make use of - or third-party touchpoints, such as the Google Business Profile tabs, the Facebook place pages and the Apple Maps application. This is particularly the case with more articulate customer-centric tools , such as the possibility of information about the availability of any given product in stores, of reserving a product and of being informed of the returned availability of a missing product in store.

storia retailtune

During the 2020 health emergency, RetailTune introduced two innovative tools to respond to the new needs of the Retailers. 

These are RetailTune Booking, which allows customers to book an appointment for an assisted visit to our stores, and RetailTune Order Assistant, a tool allowing to close and finalize the orders placed through messaging platforms.

RetailTune created feedback tools as well.

We are able to know what products are most liked by the customers in any given point of sale.
We know the specific percentage of success for any given purchase in a specific store.
We know the stock capacity of any point of sale, given the local tastes.