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Campaign production

Improve Local Communication

The advertising campaigns uploaded on digital touchpoints must include some Calls to Action (CTA) espousing the general guidelines of brand advertising communication, while embracing the local reality which, according to the specific kind of brand, can be provided in various ways: a discount available only offline in the nearest shop, a limited time promotion, a particular service, exclusively available offline, an exclusive event within the store in the city center. 

Therefore, the power of semantics in local advertising campaigns is used in a different way and such campaigns are designed to direct, nudge and advice users in order to lead them to proximity purchasing.

Therefore, such communication necessarily entails a mindset change for companies when talking to local users is concerned

RetailTune is the best partner, thanks to its know-how and its specialization, both in Digital Marketing and Drive to Store strategies. We are able to support you, during the whole process, from designing and developing the Local campaign, up to the graphic and textual customization of the different touchpoints.