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This is the contact point facilitating the shift from online “website browsing” to offline “visiting the shop”.

Such a tool has often been overlooked by brands, while it plays a key role in the field of drive to store activities. Getting to know, immediately and directly from the website of any given brand, based on users' position, where the nearest store is and what its opening hours are, may very well persuade a customer to get to a store in a few seconds.

RetailTune takes particular care in developing the Store Locator.

The design is always engaging and in line with specific brand identities. RetalTune store locators are completely customized for any given brand, unlike many other cases, when template graphics are forced on users.

We focus on being mobile first and user friendly. Offering users, in a quick and immediate way, the information they are looking for may very well make a difference in persuading them to get to the store.
Such a tool is offered in 10 languages, in order to meet the needs of international brands.

Main features


    Data are important for RetailTune. Therefore, all the uploads are carried out following definite rules, so that the information is always reliable.

  • Call To Action

    Users getting to the store page have a significant interest towards visiting physical stores. We usually give further reasons to visit us in person: we communicate about an event, a promotion or a new collection. We make use of such moments to involve customers. The CTAs are managed by single store or by store groups.

  • Concierge page

    Every store has a dedicated page containing all the information needed for the Drive to Store service: opening hours, address, contacts, images and available services, reviews and promotions.




Increasing in-store traffic, managing every digital touchpoint of the points of sale and providing detailed and up-to-date information to the final customers.
Those are the main pillars of RetailTune, the company founded by Claudio Agazzi in 2018. Such a reality became the leader of its market segment within two years and retailers in several sectors, from fashion, to foods, to services, have called on our services. Our customers all have a single, great need in common: rearrange the chaos of information connected with their points of sale, fine-tune their geolocation and, most of all, drive customer traffic to the store, which has always been the main goal for market actors.

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"With a 35% year-on year growth for the services connected to e-commerce, communicating more promptly with users, making all the information concerning newsstands as points (such as the opening times, the address, the active services, the available promotions and the like) available on the most popular social platforms and according to the standards the technologies has made common nowadays becomes a strategic goal for Primaedicola"