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Concierge page

This is a contact point between the stores and the final customer

A new communication channel with users, allowing direct access to customer care services. The Concierge Page has been created bearing the SEO LOCAL structure in mind and contains all the information concerning any given shop such as opening hours, address, contacts, reviews, services and the like. It is a real digital showcase, where every store can show its interested audience the clothes the customers like the most, as well as the active promotions and the current events.

Dedicated design, in line with the corporate website

Integration with the database of any given shop

Possibility of uploading Calls to Action at various levels: the whole of the store's DB, groups of stores, single store.

Integration with the stores of any single store




One of the greater challenges for brands is, therefore making the shift of users from online to offline easier, both in single-brand and multibrand stores. The concept of Concierge Page arose within such a context, a real digital store, able to connect any given point of sale (be it owned, part of a franchising system, single-brand or multibrand) with the final customers, creating a dialogue in order for them to buy whenever and wherever they want: online, offline and in a hybrid way.

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Stefano Bonacini, president @ Gaudì Trade SpA

"We are online with a very ambitious project. Allowing customers to buy everywhere, be it online, in a single-brand or within a multibrand store, is not only an opportunity for us to grow, but it does also signal a more open viewpoint towards changing for our customers. Our distribution is mostly wholesale and, considering such an aspect, multibrand stores are a crucial element for us. Together with RetailTune, we have created a tailored plan, involving and enhancing it all around"