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This is the business segment under which RetailTune has been established.

The platform for this sector is complete. It is a single instrument to implement an entrepreneurial approach to the connection between digital and physical stores. 

There are not only drive to store tools but also accurate analysis instruments for a correct local buying activty.


  • Store locator

  • Concierge page

  • Listing

  • Product page Widget

  • Product finder

  • e-Store

  • Reputation

  • Virtual POS

  • Local programmatic performance ads

  • Local feed Google and Facebook

  • Store visit - ROI

  • Local Shooting

  • Call tracking


  • Data Management

  • Success Manager

  • Deduplication data

  • On line customer care

  • SEO local optimization

  • Google Business Profile

  • Google API calls

  • Facebook local pages

  • Local shooting

  • Call tracking

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