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Order Assistant

A phygital system to finalize orders

The Order Assistant is a tool provided to store managers which gathers the orders coming from users on several digital touchpoints such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Call or Mail, allowing the creation of a payment link that can be safely sent to customers. Store managers may quickly and easily manage the online purchasing procedure together with the customers, by managing the exchange of information, approval and payments. 

The following are amongst its unique features:

Automated payment management

Bank settlements

Store order reports

Headquarter orders reports

Focus On



New payment methods, new sites, new technologies to intrigue the customer. But also renewed business models, more streamlined and digitized internal processes. Many retailers have found the strength to take the big and necessary step: go online, start selling on the internet. Others have sought and adopted specific strategies to be more attractive. Often innovative startups have been involved in all such projects, as they offer services for stores, able to help them deploy more resources in order to digitize and strengthen their presence on the web.

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