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In the era of omnichannel marketing, multibrand stores may also become protagonists.

The RetailTune platform offers various tools for managing data and multibrand stores.

It allows the management and integration of multibrands in the store locator and product page, through the e-Store Database tool.

It allows the creation of a dedicated page, the "concierge page" hosting the store data - address, opening hours, contacts and services, by activating the e-Store Base tool.

Thanks to the e-Store light tool it is possible to create a page dedicated to the individual multibrand which, besides data and services, does also show the product lists, subdivided into categories with the possibility of activating the "Information Request" and "Booking" services.

Activate the Reserve and Back in store services through its s-Store Plus tool.




RetailTune, has studied a customized strategic path aimed at increasing the reputation of GORE-TEX products through the involvement of 12 DF Sport Specialist stores. A dedicated page has been created for each store, the Concierge Page containing the main information for the Drive to Store: images, hours, address, contacts, but above all targeted promotional activities such as campaigns and events in progress. A novelty in the world of multi-brand, within which we find exclusive services and tools designed from a concierge perspective such as: the showcase, or a dedicated space that highlights 3 products within the store, a sort of digital showcase; and the product catalogue, a section containing the entire assortment of GORE-TEX products available in the store. Of course, each store has its own showcase and catalogue.

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Francesca Dal Bosco, Marketing Manager di W.L. Gore&Associati

«The project shows how the key to the success of Drive to Store activities is the synergy between the brand and the points of sale. Joining the resources and investing together in the same direction, creating new contacts channels with users provided real benefits to both parties in terms of positioning and reputation. This is RetailTune's added value which has helped us proceed with a really innovative omnichannel project for our business».