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Improve Brand Reputation

Often, the greater brands tend to overlook the management of the reviews or of the questions the users provide online. The constantly correct management is a vital factor, both in increasing brand reputation and in improving the positioning on the Google Business Profile tabs for stores. RetailTune features, within its platform, an easy and intuitive tool, grouping all the reviews and allowing for their management.

 Management of the Google Business Profile and Facebook Locations reviews.

 Q&A Management on Google Business Profile listings.

 Multilevel and multilingual management: General, by country, by area manager and by single store.

 Multilevel performance store ranking

 First-level management, with the opportunity of sending reviews at the second level

 Integration with the Store page

Focus On



The data confirm what we already knew: the influence a user review can have on other users is remarkable and can affect their perception of any given brand. A negative review left on a Google Business Profile tab remarking the critical points of any given business, if left unchecked, or, worse still, unanswered, may lure potential customers away, causing both brand image and reputation damage. Therefore, e-reputation is, more and more, a matter of strategy for brands, as it encompasses several elements: brand identity, customer relationships and Google positioning.

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Dario D'Ingeo, Global Retail Supervisor @ Kiko Milano

"Online searches affect 90% of in-shop purchases: therefore, Google Business Profile becomes a vital asset for a retail business such as ours. The management of information and the use of the platform as an additional communication touchpoint are providing very good results and contributing towards the drive to store. Managing reviews - he added - is vital. 70% of consumers reads the reviews before buying a product and can change their buying habits, should de feedback by other users be positive"