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Let the products of your brand be found

An innovative tool set within the product page geolocates users and encourages them to visit the nearest point of sale. This is an important step for the Drive To Store activities, which facilitates the browsing of the website and allows the interested customers to receive punctual information, such as the address and the phone number of the nearest store. 

RetailTune has always implemented this important part of its Drive To Store strategy. Such a choice supplanted, by virtue of its results, the use of the company CRM itself.

Punctual user geolocation on the website

Activation of the Drive To Store Call to Action

Measuring User Activities

Centralized management of the Call to Actions thtough the platform, with the possibility of implementing single store, country or general campaigns.

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Every year, the most known brands register millions of users who have an interest for their brand; we are talking about "hot" customers, looking for the brand, as they know about it or have a desire for its products. RetailTune intends to intercept such a significant audience, geolocating them and turning them into offline customers. The Pinko brand, a trusty RetailTune customer, was the first to understand the potential of such a service, not only in Italy, but worldwide.

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Emanuele Bianchi, CMO @ Pinko

"We have been the first of RetailTune's customers. The care for the omnichannel approach and for progress has always been a part of our DNA, itslef innovative and open to change. We have always put our customers under the limelight and we want to care for them wherever they are: providing them with customized services has always been a priority for us."