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The platform, specialized in Local Digital Marketing, studied a tailored strategic path, focused on increasing the renown of brand products through the involvement of 12 DF Sport Specialist points of sale.

Gore-Tex, an international company active in the field of waterproof, breathable and windbreaking fabrics, has chosen RetailTune for a Local Digital Marketing and Drive to Store Initiative. 

The omnichannel approach needs multibrand retailers, as Gore-Tex considers them an important distribution channel for its technology, used in producing clothes, shoes and accessories for the most prestigious brands. 

The starting point for the whole project was the intention of providing customers with more and more personalized services, allowing them to experience unique and engaging shopping, from online to offline. 

The main goal is to make Gore-Tex laminate products available to customers in the nearest point of sale. Today, according to a Google survey, 54% of consumers stated that they cannot find information on the product they look for online; such a percentage goes up if one looks for niche products.

RetailTune, a platform specialized in Local Digital Marketing, studied a fully customized strategic path, focused on enhancing the renown of Gore-Tex products by involving 12 DF Sport Specialist points of sale

 A dedicated webpage, Called the Concierge page, was created for each store. Each page contains the main information for Drive to Store activities, such as images, opening hours, addresses, contact information and, more importantly, focused advertising activities, such as the ongoing campaigns and events. This is something entirely new within the world of multibrand stores, as one can find find services and tools to be provided under a concierge-focused point of view, such as: the showcase, that is to say a dedicated space highlighting 3 products within any given point of sale, as if it were a digital window, and the whole assortment of Gore-Tex products available within that point of sale. Every store features its own showcase and catalogue; users can browse the available items subdivided into categories and asked for product information, having them reserved in the shop by filling a form, therefore creating direct and personalise interactions between customers and points of sale.

The Concierge Page also becomes the landing point for the users consulting the several touchpoints involved in the Google My Business project

The tabs for every single point of sale become actual mini-websites, complete with detailed information, featuring the Gore-Tex product catalogue and drive to store communication posts. 

The Facebook Location pages have been enhanced with information and focused posts, thus becoming the main management tool for all paid communications on social networks (namely Facebook and Instagram). Several campaigns focused on getting the users to visit specific points of sale have been activated, reaching a geotargeted audience as they view any given product, the nearest store it can be found in and the directions to reach it. All of the above can be achieved without quitting the Facebook app. 

The very same strategy has been set up on Google, where the local campaigns to promote the stores on Google, Maps, YouTube and the Display network have been implemented.


"Thanks to the vision of Francesca Dal Bosco, the Marketing Manager for W.L. Gore&Associati, together with DF Sport Specialist, we were able to set up a complete strategic plan, featuring the use of all the vital touchpoints when Drive to Store activities are concerned - stated Martina Sansone, the CMO for RetailTune. And the results were not late in coming: the campaigns netted more than 8 million views, reaching a geolocated audience, exponentially increasing the visualization of Gore-Tex products and of the nearest DF Sport Specialist points of sale with respect to the position of any given customer. It is an awesome outcome, especially if one considers that it was achieved during the first 10 days since the activities were launched." 

The cornerstone of this strategy was a sound local SEO activity, which allowed to position the Concierge pages for the proximity searches connected with Gore-Tex products. 

"The project shows how the key to the success of Drive to Store activities lies in the synergy between the brands and the points of sale - stated Francesca Dal Bosco, the Marketing Manager for W.L. Gore&Associati. -Joining resources and investing together, creating new contact channels created authentic benefits for both parties, in terms of positioning and awareness. Such an element, i.e., RetailTune's added value, helped us progress on our omnichannel marketing project, something very innovative for a reality such as ours". 

"RetailTune and Gore-Tex allowed us to enhance our B2C strategy by using an omnichannel approach - Tomaso Bartesaghi, the E- commerce Director for DF Sport Specialist stated - we are aware that our consumers gather information before they visit our stores and being able to provide them with clear and accurate information on our products and points of sale is doubtlessly the best service we can provide them with. We have opened a new path and we will surely keep walking on it. The numbers show us that we are on a good streak: we received more than 4.000 calls in our 12 points of sale during the first ten days and more than 5.000 requests for direction."