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RetailTune introduces new services in the sector of Local Digital Marketing for Retailers. This time, the company has focussed on improving and innovating everything it had previously developed : it is the service page dedicated to any given store, itself the evolution of RetailTune technology. "It has not been an immediate approach, but we may very well say that the final outcome is really unique and positively surprising" – in the words of Claudio Agazzi, the company CEO and founder. -" We have been studying the digital touchpoints which are able to trigger further visits to the stores. Some of them are more intuitive, such as the Google My Business Tab, the local Facebook pages and the Store Locator. The other ones are a bit less so, even if it is been a surprise. They can turn a digital contact into a physical opportunity.

The most well-known brands register million of users on their website each year. Said users show interest towards said brands: we refer to "hot" users, who look for the brand as they know about them or want their products. RetailTune intends to intercept such a significant audience, geolocating it and turning consumers into off-line customers. Pinko, as a brand, was the first to understand the full potential of such activities. Pinko is a sound RetailTune client, which is present, both nationally and worldwide, with an ubiquitous distribution network. The main goal of this partnership has been, and is, even today, to intercept users during the hotter moments of the Local Customer Journey and direct them towards the nearest store, be it monobrand or multibrand. The Drive to Store strategy plan set up by RetailTune encompasses various stages, having as their goal to reach all the users showing interest towards the brand, encouraging them to visit the nearest point of sale by means of Drive to Store CTAs, caring services and loyalty awards, therefore succeeding in increasing store visits. Several different activities are a part of the timeline: the complete revamping and management of the Google My Business Listings, the creation of an optimised Store Locator, based on SEO Local needs, together with the creation of Facebook Locations and Instagram page. By the same token, a new technology has been introduced within the webpage of any given product, by means of which users can be geolocated, showing the nearest point of sale. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that more than 60% of users views the tab of any given product before visiting any given store.


"We have been RetailTune's first client" - explains Emanuele Bianchi, the CMO for Pinko - "The attention for omnichannel distribution has always been a part of our DNA, which is both innovative and focused on change. We have always put the customers under the limelight and we want to support them wherever they are; providing them with customised services as always been our priority".
The creation of the Store Locator, the centered management of the Google My Business tabs, the creation of Facebook Local pages, the integration of widgets within the product page showing the nearest store based on the position of any given customer and the integration with the store stock allowing to show the products available within said store. The numbers show the effort as well: considering Google My Business, during the January- February 2020 period, compared with the same time of 2019, the discovery searches doubled in number, as explained by a press release by the agency. In the same time, the views due to Google Maps, since they experienced an increase of more than 100% during the same period.
Concerning the actions users perform on the Google My Business tabs, a double-digit growth was recorded in both phone calls and website clicks, as reported by the press release. Based on such data and in order to interact with the users to a greater degree, Pinko subscribed to the new Loyalty&Care service offered by RetailTune, in order to offer everybody a complete and customised shopping experience. "Our webpage dedicated to stories becomes the EDL place where the audience interested to any given brand may be welcomed. Such a landing page features a captivating design, with an UX/UI focused on creating direct contacts and immediate interactions between the users and any given point of sale. This is a one-stop shop where products can be bought or reserved, and it is possible to talk with the support staff in any given shop by using the modern Booking and E-store technologies"- Mr. Agazzi stated.